Quantify Cyber Risk. Lock It Down

A NEW Way to Risk Management
From Data to Insight

Cybersecurity Auditors is the only IT Auditing service provider that can genuinely provide technical, administrative guidance and support to the C-Suite and IT department, enabling effective allocation of time and money. As a result, we decided to create a Cyborg Owl called EDD-i (Essential Diagnostic Droid-Interactive) which is a CDM platform – next generation.

Our SaaS cybersecurity prevention tool:

  • Enable evidence-based decision making
  • Gain continuous visibility
  • Compare performance
  • Better manage resources
  • Provide executive performance metrics

From EDD-i’s console, a complete inventory of desktops and servers, with all hardware, firmware, and applications visible, recent logins and changes, and got an at-a-glance view. By having a real-time monitoring service, trouble tickets to the Help Desk are reduced and security is strengthened.

The bottom line is EDD-i’s service and methodology stop cyberattacks from happening, which is far more cost-effective than paying for the post-investigation of what happened and the outrageous cost to repair the soft and hard assets.

  • IT Auditing service.


Half of the world’s population is on the Internet and 75% of the cyber-attacks were caused by Humans errors. If you want to play in the Internet – learn the rules.

  1. If there is a vulnerability, it will be exploited.
  2. Everything is vulnerable in some way
  3. Humans trust when they shouldn’t
  4. With innovation comes the opportunity for exploitation
  5. When in Doubt, See Law No.1