Protect Your Organization Against Cybersecurity Risks

If you were worried about someone stealing items from your house, Would you hire the best detective or simply lock the door?

The metaphor represents your business. Many businesses are waiting for the thief to come in to steal or ransom company data.

Until you decide to lock the door to prevent thieves from entering, you are left waiting. Yes, I said wait. Then you call the IT cybersecurity vendors to investigate how the thieves got in and what they got.

IT Risk Management practices only discuss solutions that only react to the situation. The effect is to review the incident and charge a lot for it.

An Audit is known to take a long time and is out of date when finished; Cybersecurity Auditors audit the hardware and software risks quickly and efficiently without disrupting your organization and minimal engagement with your IT staff.

EDD-1, our cyborg owl, is deployed to all workstations and servers; its purpose is to collect the hardware and software information; we call this IT Data – no company or personal data is collected. At least once a day, the IT data is collected and sent to our centralized managing hub for analysis. The analysis is to ensure the industry standards are strictly met and, therefore, secure.

Very quickly, the IT ecosystem will begin to breathe new life. Users will work happily and optimally; the IT department will work on revenue-generating activities; business units will continue without disruption.

Active IT Auditing is the first step to Security.

Lock the door.

Prevent the break-in from happening.