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Cybersecurity Auditing Technologies Inc.’s (CSA) slogan, “Empowering Executives with IT Data.” is the result of over 20 years of experience in IT Auditing. Regardless of size or industry, the reaction of every CEO was the same when presented with their fact-based IT Security Compliance Audit report: Shock!

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  • Receive a Cyber Hygiene Score – you can understand
  • Receive specific tasks list your IT dept must do that were missed.
  • Observe near-real-time Continuous Diagnostic Remediation of your IT dept.
  • Experience Budgets and Resources are now proven.
  • Security status is transparent
  • Peace of Mind is accomplished.

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For the past 30 years, cyber liability insurance has been losing money, uncontrollably for five main reasons:

1 – Inability to measure the security status of a dynamic network.
2 – Inability to measure the security status of a network continuously.
3 – Inability to understand and act on IT vocabulary in proper context.
4 – Cyber application questions don’t make sense and automatically allow material misrepresentation – the customer will always lose.
5 – Courses for insurance employees are not practical and reasonable to help them to perform with confidence.

Until the above issues are resolved, the loss claim ratios throughout the insurance workflow process will continue to suffer.  

EDD-i ensures HEROs are made and everyone wins.


The factory floor is where the magic happens:  producing and shipping out products.  This is the place that needs the most protection out of the entire facility but it’s not. 

As much as we hear cyberattacks that come in through human behavior, there are equally as many cyberattacks that come in unseen computers hidden in the shipping and receiving warehouse, in the telco room, and the most obvious are the computers inside the CNC machines.

Security to protect the design data must be taken more seriously.


The construction industry is the third highest industry suffering from cyberattacks.  In a study done by IBM Ponemon, 74% of construction organizations are not prepared for a cyberattack.  Surprising?  No.  Hackers know the construction industry is focused on getting construction projects done outside, while cybersecurity and privacy regulations remains unattended; it’s like taking candy from a baby. 

There are four main reasons construction companies are considered honey to a hacker:

1 – Financial transactions are in millions of dollars at a time.
2 – There are plenty of vendors and contractors that can cause enough confusion, that a threat actor can go undetected.
3 – Construction engineering has evolved into sophisticated robotics and artificial intelligence designs requiring security and privacy.
4 – Attention is project focused outside. 


Cybercrime is a growing threat in the trucking industry, and small- and mid-sized businesses could face the biggest risks, the truck has become a mobile computer, thanks to the mandatory Electronic Logging Device (ELD) situation.

The trucking industry is particularly attractive to cybercriminals because of supply chain pressures and restricted capacities, trucking businesses can lack skilled IT personnel, leading to limited monitoring and defenses.

To compound matters, trucks are becoming increasingly connected, leaving openings that could be hacked to corrupt an onboard computer, infiltrate corporate systems, or even shut down a truck.