Empowering Cyber Safety and Security through IT Auditing

Cyber attacks are occurring every 39 seconds.  How are they getting in?


The answer is if a company has been Audited or Assessed.  An IT audit is about verifying if the act of eliminating a vulnerability has been done and reported as a fact. Whereas an Assessment is a scan and based on subjective experience.

When you’re done, you will know the 15 categories of points of entry, know the difference and value of IT Audit and IT Assessment, and most importantly have the confidence to have a conversation with an IT professional.


I love to share my knowledge with people who are interested.

Easy to Understand

If I can teach Seniors to be empowered, you can too.
IT is just another language.


Lets get on the same page. There is alot in the media that simply don't make sense. Let's clarify together.


In your job, you need to know how to function with the technology around you and for your clients.


CAT Inc. is conducting a Proof of Value pilot project using their proprietary dashboard designed for CEOs. We’re asking Brokers if they would ask their Clients to participate in a free two week trial.

As you know, the loss claim ratios for cyber insurance for the carriers are very high; consequently, premiums have jumped 74%. While EDD-i is a dashboard CEOs will love to use, the multi-prong purpose is also to show the Carriers the security status in a quantified manner, and the root cause of why their ratios are so high.

The goal of CAT Inc. is to collect a large number of sample cases from Brokers and their clients. Upon completing the project, CAT Inc. will present, and recommend to Carriers that they implement (and pay for/subsidize) EDD-i as a prerequisite to approving a cyber policy, thus reducing the number of data breaches, and the financial loss to the entire supply chain is experiencing.

As you will discover, working with CAT Inc. requires different components, and perspectives to keep data safe, and the network secure. Gaining this knowledge will help you sell policies faster.

EDD-i’s aggregator agent is installed/deployed by the Client’s IT on a sample of 20 computers for two weeks. On Day 5, CAT Inc. will present the dashboard to the CEO, highlighting the critical tasks requiring remediation. Assuming the Client’s IT was given the list of activities to remediate, CAT Inc. will meet with the CEO on the 10th day to showcase any changes. At that time, CAT Inc. will provide the Client with the option to EDDi for the entire

If the Client does buy, CAT Inc. is happy to offer a monthly recurring fee for the sale to the Broker.

Register for the Broker Pilot Project


Elizabeth Wu:

I’ve have spent my entire life sharing my knowledge wherever possible.  Over 20 years ago, I had the opportunity to teach seniors how to use computers.  The impact was a surprise of how easy it was for them to understand and how much I enjoyed it.   

The feedback I’ve always received is I teach in a practical way – students always leave with what and how to do something.

I look forward to helping you learn about the IT Auditing and its impact to avoiding cyberattacks and data breaches.



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