Cybersecurity: An Insurance Broker’s Problem

How To Protect Policy Holders to Carriers Against Cyber-Attacks?
A NEW Way to Risk ManagementLimit Your Risk

By having answers about your IT Ecosystem you CAN manage Risk.

Cybersecurity is a major concern for all businesses. It’s important to understand the risks and take the necessary precautions to ensure your company is protected from cyber-attacks.

The cybersecurity insurance market is a $1.3 billion business in the U.S., and the appetite for coverage is increasing. In theory, a cyber insurance policy should provide the necessary coverage for remediation in case of a cyber-attack.

However, most policies are riddled with unknown variables and exclusions that leave the business vulnerable.

Here are some questions to answer upon Application to limit the risk and increase coverage:

  • How many workstations and servers are in your network?
  • How many work from home?
  • How many use the same laptop and travel back and forth from home?
  • How many software applications are at End of Life?
  • What is the schedule of the software license expiration?

5. Lock Cyberattacks out of your Client’s Data

We prevent cyberattacks and data breaches from getting into Client data. Our Lock the Bad Guys Out helps CEOs know their current security posture, identify actionable security improvements and a road map to deliver them.

Our senior IT Auditors evaluate your businesses across specific critical security controls. During the assessment, IT Auditors use sophisticated technology to assess your company’s current security posture. We then deliver results with an implementation plan that monitors and tracks for you on a monthly basis during our 12-month program.

  • Cyber attacks happen every 39 seconds.
  • Takes 317 days before a breach is detected.
  • Every record lost or stolen costs the company $250 per record which does not include remediation or reputation loss.
  • The global average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million across SMBs