we are

IT SEcurity AUditors

On a mission to:


When followed properly,


of all Data Breaches can be avoided.

Purpose: To Change the World

Cybersecurity unicorn solution

CAT Inc has rapidly grown into a leading player in the cybersecurity industry, thanks to its platform solution and tested methodology. The company’s dedication to reversing the trend of rising data breaches and proactively measuring vulnerabilities within IT ecosystems has garnered attention from both investors and customers. Many experts believe that CAT Inc has the potential to become a unicorn business in the near future. The company’s development of EDD-i’s dashboard has given CEOs worldwide cyber confidence and peace of mind. Despite the challenges faced during EDD-i’s development, CAT Inc is well-positioned to achieve Unicorn status and make a significant impact in the cybersecurity landscape.

Cybersecurity Auditing Technologies’ EDD-i platform was

designed for Business Leaders to FINALLY have a platform 

to measure their IT dept’s performance.

we are "Hands on" with our clients

Cybersecurity Auditing Technologies works closely with clients to ensure the IT security vulnerabilities discovered by EDD-i are followed through in IT remediation activities  

We provide quarterly audit reviews with our IT Lead Auditors, free training and support, to enable IT resources to adhere to industry governance and best practices.

Our mission is to reduce data breaches – to do that we aim to assist IT resources in maintaining effective IT security auditing practices.

EDD-i offers various ESG related benefits to companies, including an improved working environment for employees.  IT Security Audits using EDD-i can eliminate gaps that slow down computer systems leaving employees exhausted at the end of the day; this is the lynch pin that changes culture.

EDD-i supports the social pillar in ESG by enabling companies to allocate IT expenses towards business expansion and improving manufacturing production, and contributing to the economic growth .  Using EDD-i also helps to demonstrate ethical business practices, and build trust with clients for a long time.

E.S.G. Ready

EDD-i supports the environmental pillar of ESG by enabling companies to maintain an accurate inventory of their IT hardware and software, reducing unnecessary purchases and disposal of electronic waste.  It also helps companies in reallocating IT expenses towards business expansion and improving manufacturing production, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.  By providing transparency and accountability in the IT department, EDD-i can help companies enhance their environmental sustainability efforts.

EDD-i provides near real time monitoring and reporting capabilities that enable quick identification and addressing of security vulnerabilities in IT systems in one easy to use dashboard. This helps companies identify security vulnerabilities in the factory floor, in the telco room, hidden from classic daily IT activities.  As a result companies are able to maintain accurate inventory of hardware and software and verifying security access of employees and vendors.  This ultimately leads to improved corporate operational efficiency and reduced risks.

We take pride in delivering more than just software. Our platform, the Executive Diagnostic Dashboard – Interactive (EDD-i), is tailored for non-technical business leaders providing valuable insights never seen before, leading to improved KPIs and a positive corporate culture. EDD-I has a significant impact on your bottom line and peace of mind.