Using our automated IT Security Auditing Platform

ESSENTIAL Diagnostic Dashboard - interactive (EDD-i)



EDDi is a powerful solution that help:

Empower business leaders to make better decisions regarding IT security.

Pro-Actively allocate IT resources effectively.

Gain Peace of Mind and Client Trust.

To accurately report on the security of a company’s complex network, it cannot be done from a singular perspective or an individual, it requires the aggregation of data from all levels of the IT ecosystem with objectively weighted variables.

Cybercrime is a $10 Trillion industry

The cybersecurity industry is focused on threat identity and scanning ports – this is the wrong approach; that’s why cybercrime continues to increase 15% per year.  Companies must take a Pro-Active approach in protecting their data and it starts by locking the door from Inside the network.

It’s a

Business Problem - Not an IT Problem

To ensure the well-being of a company and the trust of its clients, business leaders carry the responsibility of protecting them,  This requires providing IT data insights that empower them to make informed decision regarding their IT security infrastructure.

Case Studies and Stories...

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Just because you’re getting emails doesn’t mean you are secure.

Why is the cIS Framework important?

Are you compliant or secure?

quantify cyber risk.